• What are the main challenges for your organisation during the development period? Evaluate the trends, threads and opportunities in your working environment and define your critical success factors.
  • What are your vision, mission and values? – Do they awake genuine enthusiasm in your stake holders?
  • Gap analysis – how to reach the ideal solution and what are the main challenges – review of critical success factors – learning areas.
  • What is your value proposition to your target segments – what is the opportunity to be among the best?
  • Strategic choices and priorities
  • Metrics
  • Implementation and communication
  • How to involve stakeholders into development of strategy? – Sometimes the strategy development process is more important than the documents created during the process.

Simon Sinek’s golden ring – this is one explanation, why some pursuits are more successful than the others. Successful pursuits start from the middle, the why – the rest start from the outside, the what.